My Books are Here and I’m Having a Party

me holding some of the books and feeling overwhelmed.  Did this really just happen?
Photo was taken by the author

It is hard to describe the feeling of receiving a box of your own books in the mail. I held a big armful and they spilled over the table and that was only a third of them. I was surprised they had arrived earlier than projected, that this publishing actually happened at all. And burst into tears. I kept looking at them and exclaiming and had pictures taken opening them. Then I began calling people — my sister, my good friends. But there weren’t enough people to tell. It was hard to contain all of my glee. Now I get to show you my box of books. Isn’t it exciting?

Isn’t the cover just perfect and the dedication so touching and the poems look nice, each on its page. The headshot that my friend Kim took for me is actually a decent picture and the comments by Brian and my poet friends sound really good. It is hard to share this kind of thing but I feel I owe myself a little exuberance. Those of you who preordered a book should get yours in a week or so.

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