The Raven’s Perch published four of my poems yesterday

The Raven’s Perch is a nicely designed online journal that has won some awards. It is unusual in that it publishes your work without asking for permission, informing you at submission that it will do so if your work is accepted. Anyway, I was pleased to see the note in my inbox. There has beenContinue reading “The Raven’s Perch published four of my poems yesterday”

Spring is Here, and My Book is Coming

If you want to purchase copies of my first chapbook, “Not All Are Weeping,” at the pre-publication price of $7.50 plus shipping, it’s time to do that soon. The publication is scheduled for April, but I’m unsure of the date or when the publisher may withdraw the sale price. If you have already pre-ordered aContinue reading “Spring is Here, and My Book is Coming”

Our Mother Ate Two Fried Eggs for Breakfast Every Day

A poem from “Not All Are Weeping” In April, my first chapbook will be published by Main Street Rag Publishing Company. This is one of the poems in the book. I love to remember the stories about my mother, and writing poetry is one of the ways I can do it. Mildred Ethel Felsberg wasContinue reading “Our Mother Ate Two Fried Eggs for Breakfast Every Day”

“Bright Fruit” Published This Week

In a little online journal called The Ravens Perch I wrote this poem during the pandemic, after weeks of not going into grocery stores, isolating myself within the confines of my house. It is about the almost too-muchness of the experience of grocery shopping after a few months. The colors and smells, the noise and bustleContinue reading ““Bright Fruit” Published This Week”

A Grandmother’s Cabbage Soup Starts with Vegetable Scraps

Apparently, the internet wants more content from grandmothers One of my granddaughters remarked she had been reading recently that the internet needs more content from grandmothers. She heard this comment regarding Tiktok but felt it generally applied to the internet. She said that people in her generation would benefit from mature, grounded, wholesome grandmother —Continue reading “A Grandmother’s Cabbage Soup Starts with Vegetable Scraps”

Some Good News at last

Just today I learned that Main Street Rag wants to publish my poetry chapbook, Not All Are Weeping. It will be out sometime in the months ahead. Meanwhile, I will need to learn a lot of new stuff. I hope to keep you all informed as I learn of release dates. etc. For now, IContinue reading “Some Good News at last”